Angela Merkel’s Way to Get Over: It’s “Unavoidable”

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Merkel attempts to get over (i.e., attempt to take advantage of someone else or play them in a scam) by using the word “unavoidable”. This relieves her of the responsibility for an action or a decision. Typically, her decisions could go in another direction that she refuses to go in, so they are in fact avoidable.

Examples. March 12, 2014. Merkel says “a round of European Union sanctions against Russia are ‘unavoidable’ if President Vladimir Putin’s government fails to take steps to defuse the crisis over Ukraine.” (The inside quote is her actual word and it’s also in the headline.)

June 14, 2012. This time she says European fiscal union is “A Herculean task but it is unavoidable.”

Feb. 27, 2012. Merkel says austerity unavoidable for Greece.

May 2, 2014 (12:19 p.m. in my eastern time zone). Merkel says futher sanctions on Russia are unavoidable. She is quoted as saying something like this today: “If Ukraine isn’t stabilized before May 25, further sanctions against Russia ‘unavoidable.'”

On March 13, 2014, she again used the word unavoidable when referring to sanctions “Nobody wants these measures, that is clear. But we would be willing and determined to go this road if it is unavoidable. This has been agreed among all 28 EU states and in close coordination with Nato and G7 partners.”

These decisions are all political decisions. They are in fact all avoidable. They all can be replaced by other decisions.

11:46 am on May 2, 2014