And Now For Something Completely Different …

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… and really off the wall … but these days, we have to think outside the box, or we’ll all be stuck inside a cell.

So here goes.

Now, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has suggested that Britain allow its minority Muslim population to adjudicate their differences in Sharia courts. Celebrate “diversity” and all that.

Now, please **forget** all the hot-button facets of that issue, and consider:

Why can’t **we** have a gold-based, contract-based, free-market based economy, and have “Liberty Courts” to adjudicate our own differences?

We could write the particulars right into the contract. After all, at the end of every performance license we issue, the “courts of the state of Virginia” are appointed as the adjudicator of any differences.

So why can’t I just give a few Krugerrands to the guy who replaces my roof, and go to a “Liberty Court” if he won’t fix the leaks?

OK, back to work.

9:25 am on March 11, 2008