And More Lies

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When a passenger complained about the TSA’s singling him out for sexual assault “in a private area” (perhaps the reporter is punning here, but in any case, that “private area” refers to a room, not the victim’s groin), one of his assailants stole $520 from him. The thief admitted that he dropped the money and a pen the gentleman also carried into a drawer; “when the passenger returned [from his ‘private’—- in both senses of the word — molestation],” the gate-rapist wrote in a  “police report,” “and I saw that it was the passenger who had given my fellow employees a hard time. I just didn’t let on that I had the money.”

The TSA’s spokesliars have long insisted that employees never, ever retaliate, nor do they punish dissidents — though every passenger fearing he’ll miss his flight if he so much as sighs while thugs grope him would vehemently disagree.

Now here’s a goon admitting he did just that. He’s pled guilty to “to one count of grand larceny” and faces sentencing in December. Unfortunately, the TSA’s other vengeful deviants still roam free, terrorizing taxpayers and travelers.

8:59 am on October 3, 2012