And I Thought I Was Cynical!

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I know police are as evil and corrupt as all the State’s other leeches, but I wouldn’t have come up with this one. So thanks to David Hathaway, writing in response to my blog about the prankster falsely warning Our Rulers of a “dangerous” passenger. David says “the fabricated ‘anonymous tip’” is a frequent weapon in Our Rulers’ arsenal: “Having worked in law enforcement, I have seen this ploy when the cops want to mess with somebody. ‘Hey Bob, didn’t you just get an anonymous untraceable call saying that we should search and detain that guy who just thumbed his nose at you?’ Wink, wink, nod, nod.”

On a lighter note, Doug recalls how he and his buddies often escaped the educational gulag, even if only temporarily, via “anonymous tips”: “In High School [in the 1970’s] we had a guy in 11th grade who we would tell what period we wanted to skip. He would call one of his friends from the school pay phone and his friend would go to a nearby store and call the police department from a different pay phone. The police would call in a bomb scare into the school. And we would have a fire drill. We all knew when the fire drill was going to happen because we usually planned it around a pop-quiz or test in a certain period of class. Missed a lot of quizzes that year. They never caught the guy and every one had fun. Apparently, not any more.”

Nope, not anymore. Fun and freedom are always the first casualties of the police-state.

2:43 pm on September 7, 2012