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I’d like to think that all of those wonderful eco-agricultural/natural/anti-industrial food machine farmers performing local farm-to-table service ought to be called anarcho-farmers. Thanks to having the largest farmers’ market in North America, here in Detroit we have no shortage of truly (not imitation or branded) Amish goods; grass-fed and pastured meats from the local farms; urban, farm-grown vegetables; and artisanal foods that are fermented, home canned, dehydrated, and otherwise prepared with creativity and care.

Charter One Bank has a program here in Michigan they call Growing Communities, which supports local farmers and farmers’ markets. An article in the Detroit Free Press notes:

To date, Charter One Foundation has provided $140,000 in grants to help expand local food resources in Detroit.

“We are proud to provide these grants to continue to helping growing Michigan businesses and improve the health and vitality of our region,” said David Lochner, senior vice president and director of commercial banking for Charter One.

I can’t think of a better way to actually do some good for the community, as opposed to providing politically correct lip service for politically correct causes. My pork/chicken/egg farmer and friends, Lynn and Melody Nye of Melo farms (see tribute here), were among the recipients of the six (private) grants given out by Charter One Bank, and they were the focus of the Free Press article. They will buy a new trailer that will increase their capacity for food transportation, and hence, help to grow their business.

Photo taken by KDC at Melo Farms in 2011

8:22 pm on July 31, 2012