An Open Letter from a Soldier to Those Who Criticize the Troops

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A veteran is upset with me, “a lousy dirtbag,” for my previous post on the 2013 Man of the Year. So upset that he wants to meet me anywhere of my choosing so he can tell me what he thinks of me and my opinion in person. Since he just e-mailed me and told me what he thought, I take his statement as a threat to do me bodily harm. He will have to get in line, a line, I am happy to say, has gotten much shorter now that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been so completely exposed as senseless debacles. But anyway, I thought this veteran served in the military to defend my freedom of speech? Nowhere did I imply in my previous post or in any other thing I have written that all soldiers were rapists, drug addicts, etc., as this veteran interpreted my post. However, they are all “serving” in a criminal organization.

I said all that to say this–

This open letter had me foaming at the mouth until I got about half way through. It is one of the best things I have ever seen on the stupidity of criticizing those who criticize the troops.

6:27 pm on January 1, 2014