An Early Start on Secession

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My mother’s side of the family (the Laurencelle family; how is that for a great French name?) hails from Quebec City (after earlier family had migrated from Alsace-Lorraine). My father’s side (De Coster) — they are Flemish and come from Lichtervelde, West Flanders. I am secessionist, by birth, on both sides. I hated the state even in the womb. See the heroic secessionist Donald Livingston on “Decentralizing for Freedom” on the Tenth Amendment Center website. Writes Livingston:

To all of this it is often said that State interposition, nullification, and secession were eliminated as policy options by the Civil War. Brute force, however, cannot settle moral and constitutional questions. Lincoln’s claim that the Union is older than the States; that it created the States; that a State is merely an administrative unit (like a county in a unitary state), are historical and moral claims that must stand on their own. They cannot be settled by superior firepower but only by reasons that persuade.

…Or it will be said that, even so, too much water has gone over the dam. Institutions of the central government are so entrenched, so entangled with powerful interests, and this system has gone on for so long that people have lost any sense of civic virtue on the State and local level.

8:07 pm on June 13, 2011