‘An Attack on the Soul of the Nation’? I Don’t Think So

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Leave it to Jim Wallis of Sojourners to turn the tragedy in Tucson into absolute farce. In his blog post today, Wallis claims that the shooting is “an attack on the soul of the nation,” which gives hyperbole a bad name. While he does refrain from channeling his Party Line of blaming Sarah Palin, nonetheless I think this post pretty much tells us that his religion is State Worship and nothing else.

I went back into the Sojourners archives to see if I could find anything that even mentioned (forget about condemning) the government-caused massacre at Waco in 1993. There was nothing. The people who were shot and immolated at the Branch Davidian location were not real people to Wallis, who sees literally everything in political symbolism. So, the rule of thumb is that if he cannot find a way to put an incident into his worship of the State, it simply doesn’t happen.

2:25 pm on January 10, 2011