Army Gun Control

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At first it seems odd that the Army does not allow soldiers to carry weapons on base, which I discovered as a result of the Ft. Hood soldier killing. But actually not: like the old USSR, the US government distrusts its own troops. I did find it ironic to hear the job of an army phychiatrist described as “healing” and “counselling.” In fact, it is his job to use drugs and lies to convince kids who don’t want to kill more strangers who have never done anything to them, that it is a great thing to do.

UPDATE from Mark:

It’s well known by most military people that officers or soldiers who are unpopular with the other troops often get “accidentally” killed in combat situations. Ask anyone who was in Viet Nam. Military people are constantly terrified by the thought of troop revolts.

And yes, it’s not surprising that a military “mental health professional” turns into a murderer as his job was to make people feel okay about killing…I’m sure he felt great as he was pulling the trigger.

UPDATE from Mark Anderson:

I was on active duty in the Marine Corps infantry from 1995 to 1999. That you just posted about gun control in the military is rather amazing, because I was recollecting my own military experience and I knew right away how this killing spree was able to happen.

Contrary to what many people may perceive, we are not all walking around with firearms 24/7. Our weapons (i.e., firearms) were kept in a locked and guarded armory, totally inaccessible. The only time we could check out our rifle from the armory was not upon our own discretion, but if we had to go to the rifle range that week, or we were doing field training, and so forth. Unless we were doing a live-fire exercise, we were using blanks with the rifles for the training.

If somebody owned a personal firearm and they lived on base – rather than off base – they were NOT allowed to keep it in the barracks. That, too, had to be checked into the armory. Lew, Army gun control is a good way to describe. Every single one of those victims was most likely unarmed.

UPDATE from Terry Nall:

I remember how disappointed I was the first time I went to the firing range at my first duty station in the army. They have a sergeant next to you positioned so that he can grab your weapon before you can swing it around and kill your supervisor. Soldiers are inmates.

12:56 pm on November 6, 2009