Amorality in the Corporate Press

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Jeffrey Goldberg is a journalist who covers the TSA. He’s sometimes funny — but that’s an easy feat when writing about imbeciles who pretend that a kid’s “Pirates of the Caribbean toy gun and sword” might actually endanger someone.

Goldberg is also completely amoral. The TSA’s gate-rape and other atrocities are neither right nor wrong in principle; his only concerns are whether they “work” and whether they’ll afford enough jokes for a column. Even the agency’s assault on his mother-in-law didn’t budge him from his stance that the whole thing is just one big laugh.

Here’s another sample of his work. Don’t bother reading it; I did, and it’s not one of his better pieces. In fact, his praise for the TSA’s führer, John “The Pervert” Pistole — you know, the deviant who ordered the nationwide grope-fest and pedophilia — will send you running for a barf-bag (“There are, in fact, many things to admire about Pistole…” Goldberg babbles. Yep, and Adolf loved dogs). Let me summarize his report instead: The Perv now admits that the TSA’s carcinogenic porno-scanners — my terminology, not Goldberg’s — wouldn’t necessarily detect the new “underwear” bomb Our Rulers — my terminology, not Goldberg’s — cooked up with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula — my interpretation, not Goldberg’s. (Yo, Perv: Nice that you’ve finally caught up to your army of critics and the proof they’ve touted for months that your gizmos do nothing but denude us while enriching politicians’ cronies.)

So skip the article — but most definitely check out the readers’ comments. One after another excoriating the TSA, one after another grasping what ole Amoral Goldberg never does: The TSA has nothing to do with security and everything to do with subjugating us. This in response to an article that assumes just the opposite. Seems the TSA’s legion of victims refuse any longer to follow where shills like Goldberg lead.

8:52 am on May 23, 2012