Among the More Infuriating of the TSA’s Equations

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The thieves at the TSA constantly brag about how many “prohibited items” they’ve stolen from passengers, which criminality they equate with “protecting” us. For example, the TSA’s Chief Liar, John “The Pervert” Pistole, boasted to Congress yesterday, “…[O]ver the past decade TSOs have confiscated approximately 50 million prohibited items, and last year alone TSOs prevented more than 1,200 guns from being brought onto passenger aircraft.”

I hope, but I doubt, that the dimwits, crony capitalists, and bozos in his audience asked whether that “50 million” includes the dirty diaper his crack “TSO’s” swiped from 95-year-old, dying Lena Reppert, or the cash they tried to swindle from Steve Bierfeldt, or the 18th-century cannonball they plundered from a diver, or the cupcake they snitched a few weeks ago, or the thousands of bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and mouthwash they loot from passengers every day.

Only lunatics, morons, and the TSA deem any of this stuff dangerous. And as for the guns, consider the defense armed passengers could provide should one of the 16 “terrorists” (according to the Feds’ unproven allegations) TSA overlooked from 2004–2008 waltz aboard a flight.

Or the deterrent they’d pose to the TSA’s “detaining” that flight to further harass passengers…

10:30 am on February 9, 2012