America’s Latest ‘Man in the Iron Mask’

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With his conviction last Wednesday in a New York Federal District courtroom, former Soviet Air Force officer Viktor Bout (the so-called Merchant of Death and prototype for Nicholas Cage’s character in the 2005 film, Lord of War), replaces former CIA/Naval intelligence operative Edwin Wilson and deposed Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, as the regime’s top political prisoner. LRC columnist Eric Margolis described Wilson as “America’s Man in the Iron Mask,” a person falsely convicted for being extremely dangerous to the state’s security because of what he knows and can reveal about the “hidden history” of how the world really operates. But as investigative journalist Daniel Estulin reveals in this interview, and in his book, Shadow Masters: How Governments and Their Intelligences Agencies Are Working With International Drug Dealers and Terrorists For Mutual Benefit and Profit, there is much more to the story of Viktor Bout then found among accounts by “the usual suspects” in the mainstream media.

9:12 pm on November 6, 2011