Americans Pave Road to South Pole

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“It seems like an impossible mission, but a team of workers are carving a 1,020-mile ‘ice highway’ from the New Zealand coast to the South Pole. They say it will enable supplies and equipment to be hauled to the pole’s U.S. research station.” Americans Pave Road to South Pole [Wired News] The federal funding and statist bias against commercial use cast a shadow over this otherwise interesting project.

Along similar lines, I strongly recommend catching the documentary The Endurance, which documents the harrowing attempt by Shackleton to journey to the South Pole. What I found especially poignant was the contrast between Shackleton’s devotion to preserving the life of every one of his crew at the same time as men were being fed into the meat grinder in World War I. Most tragic of all is to find out at the end of the film that some of these men Shackleton did so much to save themselves died fighting in WWI.

12:59 am on April 14, 2004