America Is Not A Christian Nation

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The politically-active Americans who believe in the State and in using its coercive powers are anti-Christian. They are not active followers of Jesus Christ. They are not Christian Anarchists. The millions upon millions of Americans who believe likewise and support the State likewise are not active followers of Jesus Christ no matter what they profess. Someone who goes to a church of Christian denomination one day and on that same day or the next day supports the current American invasion of Iraq or Libya or Syria is not really following Jesus, or not consistently and not to the degree he or she should. Is America really a Christian nation? If it is, it’s not the version that I get from reading the Gospels and from the messages of Jesus.

The catalyst for this remark now and today, which I have long believed, is a quote in Justin Raimondo’s article today. He quotes a progressive named Joshua Marshall. Marshall’s religion is of no concern here. What matters is the thought and the fact that many people attending Christian churches would endorse this thought, which is what Laurence Vance has been documenting now for years. Marshall said or wrote “On the other hand, if you basically identify with the country and the state, then indiscriminate leaks like this are purely destructive. They’re attacks on something you fundamentally believe in, identify with, think is working on your behalf.”

The issue here is wrapped up in the word “basically”. What do you basically identify with? If it’s the country and the state, then it cannot be God. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot place God in one compartment and state in another.

6:00 am on June 15, 2013