America Is Exceptional, All Right

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A soldier for the USSA gives “American Exceptionalism” a twist with which I’m sure we can all agree.

As I watched this 8-minute clip, I sorrowed for a friend who wrote me yesterday. The Feds caged him for a non-crime — after lying about his having committed that non-crime, too. His life post-prison has been impecunious, desperate, and migratory as he vainly hunts work. He was despairing because his car needs $600-worth of repairs.

I wept for him and for all serfs struggling to pay taxes and the mortgage, if they’re still blessed enough to have a home: this video documents the billions and billions of dollars the Feds have wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan. And I use “waste” literally, as in “throw away perfectly good equipment and abandon perfectly good facilities.” All this in addition to the trillions squandered on these imperial wars.

May God hasten His vengeance on the Pentagon and the rest of Our Rulers as they murder, thieve and spy worldwide while impoverishing their victims here in the ole Homeland. (Thanks to Monnie Matthews for the link.)

1:42 pm on October 3, 2013