AmCon mentions LRC Blog

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The June 7, 2004 issue of The American Conservative mentions our own humble spot on the web in an article on blogs, “Tangled Web: Charting the blogosphere” by Jeffrey C. Cleveland. Here is the full paragraph with the mention:

After this initial tier of politically motivated blogs, the popularity of the blogosphere wanes. Why? In truth, how can one person monitor the entire news cycle and satisfy the appetite of readers who hit the refresh button on the web browser every five minutes? Enter “group blogs.” These bring multiple intellects under a single blog, usually devoted to a common theme. Popular examples include The Volokh Conspiracy, a collection of libertarian-leaning lawyers, law professors, and economists;, a wide array of writers focused on the antiwar, pro-market message; TAPped, the blog of the liberal American Prospect magazine; and National Review Online’s The Corner, where in particular, one will find a lot of “blegging” – bloggers begging readers for research help.

12:01 am on May 24, 2004