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Although the amazin’ Amazon marketplace can’t sell guns and ammo, since this is not a free country, LRC readers are finding it a convenient place to buy all kinds of shooting tools and accessories.  Here are a few of the many purchased last week:

LaserLyte Glock Sights;
Versatile Belt and Clip Holster for many different firearms;
Glock Gunsmith’s Bench Mat;
High Performance LED Flashlight;

Best selling books in the past week:

Judge Napolitano’s Lies the Government told You:  Myth, Lies and Deception in American History;
The Left, The Right and The State;
How To Surrvive the End of the World As We Know It, by James Wesley Rawles.

Thank you for your great support, and keep your powder dry!

2:07 pm on February 24, 2010