“Fires” Everyone in Colorado

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In order to avoid having to pay CO sales taxes, is eliminating its affiliate program, effectively ending all formal connections to the state:

The law says online retailers have to start collecting state sales tax themselves or send annual notices to customers telling them to pay the tax.

The Colorado Retail Council reiterated support for the bill on Monday, stressing the new law is not a new tax.

“Every Coloradan who buys an item from an online merchant like already, under current law, owes the tax on that item,” Colorado Retail Council President Christopher Howes stated in a release. “Our Colorado Retail Council members collect the sales tax for the government and firmly believe that Internet retailers should too. The General Assembly set these tax laws long ago – we are just playing by the rules. It’s a matter of fairness.”

Gotta love the “fairness” part. Yep, taxes are fair! Who knew! (No offense, the so-called “‘Fair’ Tax.”)

9:54 am on March 9, 2010