Amazing Private Pilot

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Karen, the heroic Sully Sullenberger–who has the white hair I hope to see in the cockpit of any airliner I am taking–pulled off the only ditching with no deaths (and no serious injuries!) in the history of commercial aviation. I notice that he is being hailed by the state media as a product of the federal government, since he is an air force vet. Of course, there they train you to machine-gun, rocket, and bomb strangers on orders–not quite the same thing.

And notice how individuals organized immediately to save all the passengers and crew stranded on the sinking plane? No coast guard, no homeland security, no cops. Oh, the NYPD did send three helicopters to circle the wreck and blow more frigid air on the victims. Then pompous government officials told us the geese were probably not members of al-qaeda. But the private pilot went through the entire sinking plane twice, after he thought everybody was out, to make sure no one was trapped.

7:50 am on January 16, 2009