Always Fighting Some War, Somewhere, Against Someone

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In a review of the Halper/Clarke book on Neo-conservatives, Jon Basil Utley mentions a horrifying neocon quote that I somehow missed: “neocon Max Boot, who wrote in the Wall Street Journal that he was ‘looking forward to a new era when America, like the British Empire, will always be fighting some war, somewhere, against someone.'”

This is really remarkable. Usually people who go politically insane are some form of utopian. But this vision of perpetual war isn’t what would usually be meant by a utopian vision. Seems more like a dystopian vision, though usually we use the term dystopia to refer to a dark vision used to warn folks, like the world of Big Brother created by Orwell in 1984. But here is a dystopian vision that is held forth as a beautiful future?! Brings to mind this passage, (definitely not a heavenly vision!):

Proclaim this among the nations:
Prepare for war!
Rouse the warriors!
Let all the fighting men draw near and attack.
Beat your plowshares into swords
and your pruning hooks into spears.
Let the weakling say,
“I am strong!” -Joel 3:9-10

9:51 am on July 9, 2004