All the News That Keeps Your Mind Anesthetized.

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Within about a fifteen minute time period yesterday, the “Russia Today” (RT) channel provided me with information of genuine interest to intelligent people: a congressional hearing being held on a proposal to close down the Guantanamo prison; a bill being considered, in Congress, to deprive NSA of funds used to spy on Americans; and the present plight of Ed Snowden.  Meanwhile, the state propaganda houses of babble other “news” channels were all atwitter with the latest updates on England’s new prince (“Awww, ain’t he cute? How’s the mother doing?), a feature on food problems on cruise ships, the entertainment industry awarding itself prizes for, . . . well, being the entertainment industry, and other trivia that is used to help link commercials together! How else is Boobus  to be kept informed of the daily mantras?

1:49 pm on July 25, 2013