All Sorts of People Can Support U.S. Militarism

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Thomas, flag-waving militarism is not dead in America, in the South, in other regions and in the churches. I wondered whether or not there was a group of atheists who had declared themselves as in favor of the Iraq War. It turns out that among intellectuals there is some battling going on with “New Atheists” on one side of it being accused of an anti-Muslim orientation. I researched this no further.

I’m convinced that religion played almost no role and still plays almost no role in the minds of the high American officials who began the incessant wars of the Empire. However, they certainly use the political support of militarism wherever they can find it, among church-goers, agnostics and atheists. It seems that what a person says, thinks or professes about religion, God and related matters doesn’t necessarily coincide with how they feel and think about U.S. militarism. Bible and religious interpretations abound. It’s not hard to understand why this is the case. Human ideas about creation, the universe, God, Gods, human purposes, morality, mortality, good and evil, and religious knowledge vary greatly. The uncertainty of these matters allows ample scope for varying opinions on what should be done by human beings when faced with any set of circumstances. The attempt to correlate beliefs about U.S. militarism with beliefs about God is going to encounter significant difficulties because human nature can go in so many and often opposing directions depending on many imponderable variables.

7:03 am on June 30, 2014