All Right We Are Two Nations

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Today, one group of Americans will be focused on that choreographed, Soviet-style pageant in the slave-built Roman pantheon on Capitol Hill. They will see Obama and his lying state of the union (and union of the state) oration, followed by the lying Republican variant. Featured: all the old and new ways the guns of aggression will be used against us and the rest of the world, to loot us and make us do the power elite’s bidding. We have always been at war with East Yemen. This is the Neo-Deal.

Other Americans will be gazing at an oasis far from the DC desert: our president, Steve Jobs, of the voluntary Apple Nation,  will be announcing more of the new and improved products of capitalism. I feel refreshed just thinking about it. The tablet? Verizon for my iPhone? Who knows what goodies will spill from the Cupertino cornucopia. The applause will be genuine and heartfelt. But then, I am an ardent patriot, a conscientious citizen, of the Republic of Mac.

8:11 am on January 27, 2010