“All I Want for Christmas…”

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Here’s a stocking stuffer for your little ones this Christmas: A coloring book from FEMA’s website that offers your kiddies the opportunity to color a drawing of the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center. Earlier this week we get low-flying airplane photo-ops near the WTC from the gunvernment, and now we get coloring-ops of the WTC from the gunvernment.

Do you think the gunvernment is a little “obsessed” with 9/11? Or is it that they want to keep the “fear” factor ever-present in the sheeple’s minds? After people complained, FEMA removed the coloring book from its site. Too bad we can’t remove FEMA from our sight.

[Thanks to an LRC Blog reader for this story]

6:57 pm on April 29, 2009