Albanians Support the Second Amendment

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Kind of.

Under Communist dictator Enver Hoxa, each Albanian had a rifle — and three cartridges [only] — to defend the country to the last man. Fenceposts had sharp metal tops to kill parachutists.

Hoxa believed in conspiracies. His security chief was conspiring to overthrow him, so Hoxa could not go to his security team to arrest him. “Ich hab’ihn selber ‘schossen, am Mittagstisch,” Hoxa told Austrian economist Clemens August von Andreae in 1981.

“I had to shoot him myself, at lunch.”

Hoxa also said that, when he took over the country, he wanted to cleanse it of bad influences. “I killed all the priests and all the prostitutes,” he told Andreae. (This film proudly narrates how Hoxa closed every church in the country, and made Albania a proudly atheist state).

Now Albanians have guns — lots of them. The only smart one in this crazy video is the guy plugging his ears.

UPDATE: This propaganda film from 1989 (narrated in German) shows the happy people of communist Albania, well-fed, school children happily working ten hours a day in the fields, and women finally equal after centuries of marriage where they belonged to their husbands.

7:16 am on April 12, 2011