Alan Keyes Upset at Ron Paul

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Alan Keyes—Bill Kristol’s old roommate—has criticized Ron Paul and the Paulians. Now, like Keyes’s speeches, his writings are somewhat opaque. But he seems to be saying that a belief in decentralism equals a belief in slavery, a typical nationalist charge (though inexplicably Keyes calls Ron’s people nationalists). In fact, were it not for the national constitution and the national fugitive slave act, slavery could not have survived.

UPDATE from Jerri Ward:

I think that he is obliquely criticizing Ron’s bill about stripping jurisdiction over abortion from the federal courts [and therefore repealing Roe v. Wade].  Just before the 2008 primary, I attended the Austin March for Life with my Ron Paul sign and had some extremely angry woman tell me she hated Ron because he doesn’t support all the federal legislation concerning abortion. I think that’s what he is talking about, while comparing it to slavery. He is also putting civil government in the place of God.

5:50 pm on October 3, 2009