Alan Keyes Attacks Ron Paul

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I’ll spare you. The relevant part of Alan Keyes’s article, “How Obama and Ron Paul demoralize America,” sob, is in paragraphs 4 and 5. The neocon Alan Keyes takes the neocon Ben Stein’s side in the recent dispute, of course, but Ron never said that the US occupied Yemen (yet), just other Muslim lands, directly and indirectly. Of course, the US has had the CIA and special ops troops in Yemen for decades, and is the main support of the very nasty local dictator. Few Americans know that the US has been doing dirt to that part of the world since Franklin I took over from George VI, and maybe longer. BTW, Stein is refusing to debate Ron, for the same reason that baloney avoids the slicer, as a famous neocon once said. (Thanks to Norm)

9:04 am on January 5, 2010