Alabama college students given a real shot in the arm

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University Of Alabama Implements Mandatory Vaccination Program

Another major school institution has implemented a mandatory vaccination policy that bars both new and current students who haven’t received the meningitis and MMR shots from enrolling for the coming academic year.

The University of Alabama recently sent out an e mail to all its students informing them that they had to provide proof of several different immunizations before they could register for their course.

Failure to provide such proof would mean the students would be forced to take the shots on campus at the Student Health Center – refusal to do so would prevent them from enrolling and could also lead to further judiciary punishment.

UPDATE: Steven Ng has sent me this link to the U of A website which shows the vaccinations as part of the University’s entrance requirements.

[Butler Shaffer emailed me to pose the question as to how much money the Big Pharmas might have donated to the University. I decided to research his question by phoning the University itself to ask if they publish a list of major donors. I was informed that the University considers its donor information confidential. Read what you want into that.]

6:43 am on July 31, 2009