Air Force Rats

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The first line of the article about informants at the Air Force Academy in the Colorado Springs Gazette reads: “Facing pressure to combat drug use and sexual assault at the Air Force Academy, the Air Force has created a secret system of cadet informants to hunt for misconduct among students.”

First of all, what is this about drug use and sexual assault at the Air Force Academy? I thought this was a prestigious school that would instill honor and discipline in kids. What happened to the great military culture and values that we hear so much about? And second, it turns out that when something went wrong, the school handlers would cut communication and disavow knowledge of informants’ actions. You can read the article for all the details.

When are Americans going to realize that the military is a crooked and evil institution; that is, it is a government institution? It seems like the more negative things come to light about the military, the more military worship that we see. Americans are in denial.

2:34 pm on December 2, 2013