AIPAC Case Dropped

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Because it will be nearly impossible to convict former AIPAC lobbyists Ken Weissman and Steve Rosen, the Obama Justice Department has decided to drop the charges. They would have had to show that these lobbyists intended to harm the US and assist another country. Rosen’s attorney stated, “Now, we mostly look for ways for Keith and Steve to get their life back.” Ken said, “There was a great injustice here, but thank God we live in a country where the courts can correct this kind of injustice.”

The legal precedent may be timely, as many Americans try to 1) find out what their government has classified (be it stress test data or plans for the next little invasion at home or abroad), 2) access this classified information, and 3) use it towards achieving some objective. Remember, receiving and passing along classified government information as long as you do not intend to harm the country in which you live, or assist another, is not a crime. One thinks of the Sibel Edmonds case. Then again, never mind. I do agree with American Jewish Committee exec director, “The Department of Justice has now reaffirmed that the law of the United States protects citizens who engage in the everyday and essential work of political advocacy.” If so, it must be a good thing for all of us. On second thought, never mind.

8:21 pm on May 1, 2009