Aid or Bribery?

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Conservative John Guardiano is upset that Grover Norquist wants America to come home and to tend to its own business and that Rand Paul has called for ending all foreign aid (he calls them both libertarians). He does, however, acknowledge that foreign aid is just bribery:

Now, I don’t like foreign aid any more than the next conservative: Most foreign aid probably is economically wasteful and counterproductive. But the point of foreign aid is not economics; it is geopolitics: It is intended to shape a recipient country’s behavior and, quite literally, buy American influence. And it does just that.

“More authentic conservatives know better” than Norquist and Paul. They are like the far left because they want the Amercian military to withdraw from the world, Guardiano says. His idea of an authentic conservative? George W. Bush, although “he was an imperfect president who fell short in other key respects.” Guardiano then tells one of the lies of the century: “The United States stands firmly and proudly on the side of liberty. And we will use all means of our national power — including foreign aid and military assistance — to ensure the survival and success of liberty worldwide.”

Yes, and war is peace and freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.

10:21 pm on February 24, 2011