Again: NEVER Call the Police for “Help”

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“When he came to my house, he was alive,” says East Grand Rapids, Michigan resident Stephen Bolick of his son, Matthew. “When he came out, he was dead.”

Matthew, an emotionally troubled 30-year-old, died after being lethally “protected and served” by the local police. During what appeared to be a breakdown of some kind on November 16, Matthew injured himself by crashing through a ground-floor picture window. Desperate for help, Stephen called the police, telling them “I need help getting this kid to a hospital.”

According to the official account, after two “veteran” officers showed up, Matthew — who stood 5’6″ tall and weighed all of 135 pounds —  “assaulted” one of them. The officer responded by shooting Matthew with a Taser. Several additional Taser charges later, Matthew was dead. His was the second Taser-related death to take place at the hands of East Rapids Police since the department received their new torture toys last January.

“The initial 911 call was for help, not an arrest and certainly not for the use of Tasers,” laments Matthew’s bereaved father.

The loss of a child of any age is easily the worst thing that can ever happen to a parent. May God comfort Stephen Bolick and the rest of Matthew’s family — and may He give the rest of us the wisdom to understand that it is never a good idea to seek “help” from armed State agents clothed with the supposed authority to kill and trained to see the rest of us as the enemy.

9:42 am on November 18, 2009