Additional Movie Gift Ideas for Christmas

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In response to my post on Avatar and Thunderheart:

MS writes:

Winnetou from Karl May (German author), it is basically a Western. The White Men want to built a train track through Indian land and so a cowboy (Old Shatterhand) meets with the Indians and discovers the injustice done to them. He then joins the Indians and fights against the Industrial interest of the White Men. So, this is basically the same plot as in Avatar. Though, I think nobody out of Germany knows either Karl May or Winnetou. It is kind of a German tradition, because they do Winnetou performances at Bad Segeberg until today =)

And writes DJ about Real Genius:

In this movie he [Kilmer] plays the ingenious leader of a group of physics doctoral candidates who are working on cutting edge laser technology. What they don’t realize at first is that the direction of their research is being guided surreptitiously by the federal government, with the intention of using their mechanism as a means of vaporizing political enemies from near space. Once they discover this, they work just as brilliantly at embarrassing the villains, which includes both the government thugs and the professor who did their bidding (for the right amount of cash).

10:21 pm on December 15, 2009