Actually, It’s White Liberals Who Are Racists

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Since the Establishment media is running a smear campaign against Ron Paul by implying that he is a racist, I would like to point out who the real racists are in the United States: White liberals.

Here are some of the “helpful” things that White liberals have thought it necessary to give to Black people in the United States in order to help them out after centuries of slavery and discrimination:

Welfare. Why should poor Black people have a sense of self-esteem when they can have miserable lives being dependent on “superior,” condescending White liberals taking care of them like they are children? While it’s true that many poor White people are on welfare too, White liberals make sure that the sheeple believe that anyone who talks about ending welfare “in general” is really just trying to hide the fact that he is just racist against Black people.

Anti-Discrimination Laws. The government owns everyone’s minds and bodies—except, of course, for abortion—and tells everyone what to think and who everyone can associate and contract with. While it’s true that Black people can no longer be fired or not hired by somebody else’s private property firm because they are Black, it is also true that now the government can tell Black people what they can and cannot do with their private property (which, first and foremost, starts with their own bodies), such as controlling who Black homosexuals can and cannot marry.

The War on Drugs. Hey, something has to keep the crime rate up in poor Black neighborhoods so that they can kill each other off. Of course, White conservatives share equal responsibility for this atrocity.

Gun Control. We wouldn’t want Black people—especially Black women—in poor, crime-ridden Black neighborhoods protecting themselves with an inexpensive Smith & Wesson .38 caliber airweight Centennial. Absolutely not. It’s important for poor Black people to wait for those “caring,” predominately white local government cops (and we all know how “welcomed” they are by poor Black people—especially 18–35-year old Black males) to show up in their neighborhoods to protect them.

And last, but not least:

Government Interference in the Market. Interference (such as minimum wage laws) that not only hurts poor Black people, but everyone else as well.

10:55 am on December 22, 2011