Actor Michael Douglas’s Son Becomes a Political Prisoner

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Cameron Douglas (the son of actor Michael Douglas) has been sentenced to five years in jail for having the audacity to believe that he owns his own body and the property that he has voluntarily acquired with it—and voluntarily choose to exchange his property with another human being. In other words, Cameron is being imprisoned for selling a substance (a recreational drug) which some other human beings (i.e., the Fascists in the government) do not believe in their subjective view he should be selling—or even possessing, for that matter. (Though they’re just fine with the personal possession of substances such as cigarette tobacco and alcohol-based beverages.)

What I find tragic is that his father Michael, who is a prominent liberal—which generally means that one believes in personal social freedom, though not personal economic freedom (go figure)—actually puts up with this instead of actively campaigning for the re-legalization of all recreational drugs. I guess Michael has become what many (but not all) liberals have become today: a champion of selective personal social freedom (abortion is okay, but everything else—gay marriage, prostitution, and/or recreational drug use—should or should not be “allowed” by our “caring” government leaders, depending on which liberal you speak to).

Also, Michael needs to actually watch a film he starred in a few years ago, Traffic, and pay particular attention to the dialogue that actor Miguel Ferrer’s character says on the futility of the “War on Drugs.”

6:12 am on April 21, 2010