Academic Gatekeeper Noam Chomsky and the Cuban Missile Crisis

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In these insane days of escalating tension and strident confrontation between the United States military industrial complex and its EU/NATO satraps versus the post-Soviet regime of Russian nationalist Vladimir Putin, Noam Chomsky has some interesting observations on the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 to refresh our historical memories. But as in all cases with the academic gatekeeper Chomsky, his musings must be carefully weighed not only for their veracity or truthfulness but also for the underlying agenda and ideologically coded message he is wishing to convey. America’s most famous dissident intellectual obtained that exalted status by subtle means his clueless clone-like followers never could imagine, i.e. covertly serving at MIT the very same military industrial complex he has vocally attacked for decades. The regime’s “Emmanuel Goldstein” thus provides a valuable purpose. While in his guise of “speaking truth to power,” Chomsky never allows such inconvenient truths (such as this one or that) to enter his careful worded narratives.



3:06 pm on March 23, 2014