A Uniformed Truthteller

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I saw mention of Lt Col Davis a few weeks ago, Rawstory has a new article, and Rolling Stone has the entire pdf file of Davis’s report on lying in Afghanistan. He and Rudyard Kipling are of the same sad awareness of the truth all around them, and the problem is not Afghanistan, it is empire. The word empire is cause for a recoiling by many in the GOP, and also many in the Democratic Party. “Why, of course that’s crazy! We can’t be an empire!” Same for occupation. “Why, we wouldn’t occupy a flea!” The establishment (the crony-and-state-capitalism-for-fun-and-profit crowd) wants the whole world under its purview, and republicanism and constitutional limited government be damned to hell.

When you read Davis’s report, you may chuckle at his blatant and incredulous honesty — I laughed when he wrote that perhaps the popular opinion back home about Afghanistan was actually based on facts on the ground, and not because of a “failure to frame” the message properly. You know where I have been, and I have little patience these days. Defund D.C. now! I find myself increasingly looking forward to withdrawing my entire consent, and facing down the kicking and screaming death throes of bureaucratic and executive tyranny. Needless to say, I am preparing for this next phase.

8:13 am on February 13, 2012