A Truthful (Former) Federal Bureaucrat Speaks Out

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I received the following letter from a “Mr. RF” in response to my Sept. 8 LRC article, “There’s Gambling in Vegas, Fascism in D.C.”:


I appreciate your passion. I feel the same way. After graduating at 49 years of age with a BA in Economics and Philosophy, I was hired as a GS-7 (Survey Statistician) for the Economic Census. It was a two year term job renewable for another term. For the first five months, I did absolutely nothing. I had been hired for budget maximizing. When I finally got something to do I realized that I had been just as productive doing nothing. Statistics had nothing to do with my job; an eighth grader could have performed it. I quit after 11 months, but, if I could have hung around until my fourth year, I would have been a GS-12 making over sixty thousand a year with incredible benefits doing mindless clerical work if I did anything. It is impossible to describe what a corrupting, decadent atmosphere pervaded the place. Unscheduled bonuses were dropped into paychecks near the end of the fiscal year. The job was a joke and the Five Year Economic Census is a joke. No joke for the American taxpayers!”

When he says “I had been hired for budget maximizing” I assume he means the old game of each government agency going on a wild, senseless, and wasteful spending binge at the end of every fiscal year in order to “justify” an even bigger budget in the next year.

3:17 pm on September 8, 2003