A Truer Statement Was Never Uttered

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By Michael Scheuer in his great article today:

If every Syrian dies tomorrow – along with every Palestinian, Israeli, Saudi, etc. – it matters not a lick to the way we live and conduct ourselves in North America. Is it too bad and very sad that they die? You bet, but it is neither our fault they are fighting nor our responsibility to stop their wars; say a prayer for them, but know their deaths are of their own making and no skin off an American’s nose.

Neutrality and nonintervention—the only sane foreign policy.

Update: Some people have accused me being ignorant or stupid or both. Do I accept everything that Scheuer says in his article? No. Do I accept everything he says in his other articles? No. Do I defend everything he did in the CIA? No. Do I defend the existence of the CIA? No. Does Lew Rockwell agree with every statement in every article he publishes? No. Do I? No. Lighten up, would you please.

5:16 am on May 21, 2013