A Song for Ron Paul

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Writes Lyndon Kroker: “I very much enjoy reading your web site. It has helped me learn a great deal. In fact, I have found out that ever since I was very young, I have been a libertarian – I just didn’t know it!

“This libertarian ‘awakening’ has had a strong influence on me. I was particularly inspired by Congressman Ron Paul.

“I am a Canadian citizen currently living and working in Hong Kong. Last month I wrote a song called Liberty. It was inspired by Dr. Ron Paul and is dedicated to all the people of America. You can listen to or download a copy from my website:

“I am an airline pilot, not a professional musician, but I
believe that something big is definitely happening and Ron Paul is inspiring people from all over the world, not just the United States.”

8:30 am on August 20, 2008