A sociological view of the Obama–Hillary race

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From a comment at Free NY:

Congratulations on the use of FUBAR in a sentence. I’ve been trying to fit that acronym into my daily oratory for several years, but never could find the correct delivery.

I went to the Steven Colbert event at UB a few weeks ago. The applause given to each candidate, at the mention of their name, was amazing. As a peasant folk, I was relegated to the bleachers where the students readily secured their bongs and tightly rolled papers in anticipation of any mention of Obama. Meanwhile, the bourgeois fare congregated on folding aluminum chairs on a flat of concrete, reserved for those with an accountant aptly able to convert their presence at this event into a tax write-off. In an effort of full disclosure, I’m using the event as a tax write-off too (for entirely selfish reasons).

Anyway, Colbert asked the audience which Demonrat they supported. The bleachers erupted with ear-shattering applause, and considerable lighter flicking, when Obama’s name was called. The announcement of Hillary’s name resulted in a monotone golf clap from the aluminum chair sitters. At this point Colbert verbalized the obvious:

1 – Obama voters are pretty much clueless.
2 – Hillary voters are just as clueless, but have more money, and aren’t nearly as stoned and drunk as the obama crowd.

Thankfully, McCain received the worst response from the crowd. I guess there isn’t anything wrong with blinded, outright hatred, of a republicrat at a college function, especially when he wants to start another 100 year war.

I look forward to not voting for any of the FUBAR candidates in November. Is there a greater waste of time than walking into the voting booth?

7:50 am on May 2, 2008