A Silver Lining to Obummercare

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A thief who was once chief of the IRS frets that “the new enforcement duties” Obummercare “gives” that gang of robbers may prove its Waterloo: “If the IRS does execute the long list of tasks assigned to it under the Affordable Care Act, there is still an unquantifiable but real risk that healthcare reform will falter or perhaps even fail because of the sheer number of moving parts and complexity of the new system. … The damage to tax administration would be serious and lasting.” Oh, please, oh, please!

“Mark W. Everson, former IRS Commissioner” provides plenty of other giggles in his article’s seven paragraphs. For example, he assumes we victims have “faith” in the IRS, which its fumbling of Obummercare will “shake.” Yo, Mark: it’s way beyond faith. Every serf knows experientially that these criminals will hose us for all they can get. And euphemizing their plunder with such prattle as “practitioners who help individuals and businesses understand their tax obligations” adds insult to injury as you denigrate our intelligence.

Mark continues: “The IRS drew down its enforcement activities in the late 90s after a savaging in the political arena.” (Translating from the Spin, Mark means that victims screamed about the IRS’s corruption, intimidation, and all-around thuggery  while its own personnel admitted to such atrocities.) But “the country was running budget surpluses then and could afford it. Now we need the money.”

The classic defense of predators everywhere.

7:57 am on September 19, 2012