A Sign of Progress?

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For the first few years after 9/11 every time I saw a group of camouflaged “troops” walking through an airport a spontaneous round of applause would break out.  Then that pretty much died out.  A few airlines tried to kiss up to the fascistic American public by announcing priority boarding “for all active duty military.”  I haven’t heard that announcement in a couple of years now.  Then just this morning, before announcing that my flight was about to board in a very crowded gate area with about 100 people sitting there, the boarding agent made a ridiculously long plea for everyone to thank, thank, thank, thank, thank, and thank again “the members of our military for their service.”  No one paid any attention to him, applauded, or said anything.  Everyone just kept sipping on their Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, reading the paper, etc.  Could Americans be experiencing war propaganda weariness?

11:44 am on March 10, 2014