‘A Safe Way To Protest’ — Complete with ‘Retaliatory Gropes’

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In response to my article about the TSA’s ludicrous poisoning—sorry, “testing” of serfs’ beverages, one reader opines that “we should be grateful to [the goons]. Finally they’ve handed us a safe way to protest.” Yep, here in the land of the free, we now have to worry about “safe ways to protest.”

But I interrupted our genius. She continued:

If ever one approaches you to test your drink, you immediately develop a massive coughing and sneezing fit.

Which causes you to lose your hold on the drink.

Which then splashes all over the invader’s nice uniform.

Having recovered from your fit you apologize profusely, wiping strenuously with your napkin to help dry the agent off (get in some retaliatory gropes).


If they kick you off the flight for being sick and clumsy, enjoy your lawsuit.

1:16 pm on September 14, 2012