A Retired Marine’s Perspective

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Since I never “served” in the military, I appreciate the perspective on all things military that I get from LRC readers who are veterans. This retired Marine pulls no punches:

I am a retired Marine. I joined in 1974. It distresses me to see what our military has become. We went into the Middle East back in Gulf 1. We (America) heard over and over that “They are just a bunch of ignorant camel jockies”. “We will hand them their ass and be home in no time”. What we found out instead was that they are faithful to their beliefs, their country and their cause. How would the average American fight if any random foreign nation landed on our shores and started to rape, pillage and burn at will. Bomb our cities, destroy our crops, kill men, women and children at will. How about destroying a church during a wedding with a HellFire missile. Here is the point I am getting at. They are not suicidal, but they have “fire in their belly” to win at all costs. They are saving their country from invaders. The people that are our “Rulers” and “Leaders” if you can call them that, have no knowledge of history (or choose to ignore it) when invading foreign lands. We waltzed into Korea smug and arrogant. Left 3yrs later, how many dead? How many crippled? Korea was still 2 countries. We hadn’t had enough. The French fought in Vietnam for how long? 10,15,20 years? We figured (with usual arrogance) Ha! We are superior! We know how to win! We are America! After 58,600 dead, we turned out the lights and locked the door in 1975. Now I can buy TV trays at Walmart made in “Peoples Republic of Vietnam”. Was it worth it? The Russian’s spend 10yrs and untold amounts of money on Afganistan. Sound familiar? Now you will just have to bear with me here.

As I see it we have a “pussification” of our military. Young boys with soft hands that think they are being “Patriotic” by joining up. They see the endless fawning over our “Boys Returning Home” and think “Hey that’s for me”. Our fearless leaders want women in combat. That won’t reduce standards. (Yea Right). An average woman can not carry 1/2 her body weight in a pack all day. But guess what? Neither can our current “manly” boys. The military is not a social experiment. When things turn to shit, you don’t punch out and go home at 5. Here’s where I’m headed…. Take a Company of our “Best” men (even SEALS) and give them a pack, a rifle and some ammo (no food). No Navy, no Air Force, no bombers, no helicopters, no computers, 1950’s era radios, no air conditioned “gear in the rear”, hot chow, hot showers, Skype home, etc… In other words put them on the oft quoted “Level playing field” with the “enemy” as it were. Have plenty of toe tags and body bags on hand. It would be like the Green Bay Packers playing a AAA high school team. I’m hot, I’m sweaty, I’m dirty, I’m hungry, I’m tired, Waaaaaaaaa…. We would have our ass handed to us in a bag. They are stronger, tougher, and just as smart. They have the home field advantage. Most of all they have “skin” in the game. It’s their home. To our soldiers it’s just another group of brown people. Without our trillion dollar military, they wouldn’t stand a chance. You thought the war protests in the 60’s were bad, start shipping our son’s (and now daughter’s) home in a bag, show them being unloaded at an airfield EVERY night on TV. No parades, no marching bands. A flag for the family to remember their son/daughter sacrificed so our “Rulers” can play “weigh in your dick” with the rest of the world. It’s stupid, pointless, and the rest of the world see’s us a bullies, not saviors.

Used with permission of Steve.

3:19 pm on February 11, 2014