A Republican Speaks the Truth!

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In the Atlantic, a GOPbot on the Paulians, as the Maine delegates left the hall (copying Ron):

Claude Pope, a 52-year-old North Carolinian in a crisp blue seersucker suit, strolled to the edge of the arena patio and took out a pack of Winstons. “I think it’s a childish, immature, sophomoric stunt,” he drawled. “If you’re going to be a member of a party — we have our battles, we have our primaries, and then it’s over and everyone needs to come together and support a nominee.”

Then again, Pope reflected, the Paul supporters don’t seem that interested in being Republican Party members. “I really think they’re libertarians,” he said.

Right you are, Claude. One party getting to loot and torture and cage and kill as versus the other party is not a Paulian virtue. Read the article.

10:21 am on August 30, 2012