A Reader’s Penetrating Argument About Cannabis Legalization

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Writes LH in response to my article today:

You are a idiot ,don’t you see that pot is part of the problem that is destroying this nation,it is a drug. It side effects are laziness loss of moral fortitude ,broken families government dependency  and the list goes on .you have sold your soul in the name of commerce and more government taxation,you are not free but are self imprisoned with your ungodly liberalism.

Given the ungrammatical nature of her “paragraph,” this reader clearly prefers gin to pot.

Although I’m being accused of being a “liberal” here, couldn’t I equally claim that I’m actually being a reactionary in my views on drugs? I’m so reactionary, in fact, that I demand a return to drug laws, circa 1910, when cannabis was legal most everywhere, and I could buy opium and cocaine from the corner drug store. Or perhaps, I’m only being nostalgic and “pot” was “destroying this nation” back then, before the good people of Washington D.C. saved us from ourselves.

6:11 pm on February 21, 2014