A reader writes about Mexico

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In response to my post I’ve already received many emails titled “I love Fred Reed, too.” And one reader writes:

My company recently made our first foray into Mexico.  We manufacture industrial laundry chemicals and chemical injection systems for industrial, institutional and commercial laundries. I admit that I questioned if Mexico had running water, let alone laundries to clean their clothes and textiles.  I am happy to report that my propagandized mind has been thankfully changed.

Turns out, the plants we service are in better condition, cleaner and managed more efficiently then some of our best plants in the U.S or CanadaThe low cost of labor allows for higher employment (shocking, no?), as even the most tedious tasks are assigned to a person or group of people, and they are accomplished with great accuracy and diligence.  Our sales rep does not dislike service calls down there as in the U.S.; in Mexico, they already know what the problems are in the plant and the sales rep does not have to spend hours diagnosing the problem.

7:26 am on August 5, 2009