A Presidential Prediction

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On the Republican side, the question is who McCain will pick as running mate. My guess? Joe Lieberman. It would be a clever move. It would secure the right even more on the side of McCain, seeing as how much the red-state fascists love Lieberman, more than McCain. Yes, now some are disappointed in their standard bearer, but some of their reluctance has to do with a perception of him as softer on the war on terror than even Hillary, partly because of his fake opposition to torture, and Lieberman would help address their concerns on this.

It would be a unity ticket that would gain centrist support, for unifying a Republican and Democrat together. It would get much of the neocon and Zionist vote, especially against the seemingly anti-Zionist Obama, should he get the nomination. It would seem to be the best choice to keep the right from leaving and to attract some moderate left-liberals to the cause.

Lieberman has already endorsed McCain, and lost his Democratic Superdelegate status over it. They are identical on policy, nearly, but one has a reputation for being a conservative Democrat (who nevertheless ran with “progressive” Al Gore) and the other for being a maverick, liberal Republican (who nevertheless is anti-Islamofascist).

This would, of course, be doubly ironic. Back in 2000, I thought of Bush, “at least he’s not McCain.” I also thought of Cheney, “at least he’s not Lieberman.” I think we very well might end up with both.

I still say Hillary will get the Democratic nomination (I bet my friend three years ago she’d be the next president, and a dinner is at stake — more than a dime’s worth of difference for me, in other words).

12:15 pm on March 6, 2008