A Prepper Report From Manhattan

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Writes Dom Fallucci:

I want to thank you for the information that your site provides on prepping and what to expect when the SHTF. The information you provided was 100% accurate. (BTW, can you predict any sports results? LOL!)

My apartment complex in lower Manhattan is still without power/running water due to severe basement flooding. Reading articles on your site and going to the provided links was/is very helpful. I knew power would be out and planned accordingly. We basically filled pots and bathtubs with water, cleared out the freezer and refrigerator, cooked what was still good (we still have gas for the stoves and ovens), and threw out the rest. I can get plenty of canned goods and do not need any handouts. My neighbors and I are doing bucket brigades using fire hydrant water to get water to our apartments.

I have power at work, so I was able to charge phones and get supplies in the immediate area as needed. I had moved my car from the parking garage a block from the East River, moved it to a higher spot and again last Monday night with 20 minutes to spare as the water came up to my street for the first time that I can recall.

Other parts in NYC are a lot worse off. For example, Coney Island is very dicey right now as homeowners are arming themselves against looters. Saw that in the NY Daily News and heard it on 1010 WINS radio and from friends.

Since surrounding streets have power, I can get basic necessities and services (e.g. laundry) as needed, until my power is restored.

Again, thanks for the good info that you provide and keep it up! Too bad Ron Paul wasn’t the Republican presidential nominee, as I would be voting tomorrow.

9:53 am on November 5, 2012